skeleton-mainSochi Winter Olympics Sport To Watch on TV

It is February, 2014. You are sitting in front of your television, flipping through channels, finding nothing interesting to watch. That is, until you happen upon the Sochi Olympics. Leaning closer to the TV, you see a narrow, icy track and say, “Oh good, just in time for bobsled.” However, instead of two women at the start line you see only one, and instead of the usual sled, you see a much smaller one. You watch as the woman bends behind the sled and begins to run while pushing it forward. Seconds later she has hopped onto it. She is lying face-down, her arms at her sides. With nothing more than her head and shoulders, she is steering the sled down the long, curving track, trying to go faster than anyone else she is competing against.

The sport you are watching is skeleton. Skeleton was introduced to the Winter Olympics in 1928, but only appeared again in 1948 before becoming a permanent event at the 2002 games. Like other Olympic sports, skeleton holds World Cup and World Championship competitions every year. In Olympic years, the eight countries with the best World Cup rankings are selected to compete. Team USA has been in the top eight in each of the sport’s three most recent Olympic years, and based on how well they have performed thus far during the current World Cup season, there is a good chance they will be in Sochi in February.

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